Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Good Old Devil - GOD

Dear god or whatever thing which created me in a bad mood,
i want to expose you ugly naked and see you badly screwed.
you damned me with this birth and its mortal stupid pains,
and strains, messed up brains, burning veins, evil chains.

give me a choice to unborn or deborn or antiborn myself sir!
won't unpraise and depraise or antipraise you if you were.
I'd sing you your lullaby prayer, if you'd die in the end.
Good Old Devil - G.O.D. - now don't pretend you comprehend.
Go fuck you Goddess friend!

God! you're a lie we created to deliver us from evils.
Evils we created to give us a break from You only dear.
The You that we created to scare us from The Bad.
The Bad which we call that which cannot be easily had.
Like sex every night with my favorite pornstar
like me stealing it if i can't buy that rich car
like killing the pope, like lying, like dropping atom bomb.
like learning from the leaders, how well to fuck thine mom.

Now please excuse me Sire, if I lost my point midway,
like boring movies, lenghty sermons, whim based wars.
But do you not lose yours? But do you not lose yours?
But do you not lose yours? Ok, who did you lose it on?

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