Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rhyme is yours to find

The lips that now pronounce my name
in a while would be sipping wine
and chat about me, just for a while,
then kiss someone else while I'm thrown
or kept aside

At the bed side
the eyes that crave to see me alone
would with a few winks turn hostile
while mine are the two that whine
others close with pleasure or shame

Touch of the skin that ignites a flame
would caress down the others' spine
and send shivers, when silently I'll
sweat, forgotten, with no remorse shown
or regret implied

So today I drink to life and care little about your love
and today I drink to health cause anyway you won't care
this day I party hard till I'm sloshed, then some more
cause tomorrow when I'm gone I know where will you be.

Today I make a move before the push would come to shove
Today is not the day when I know I hate and not declare
Today as I make a move and put in rhyme the pain in store,
you kiss, wink, or sweat, 'cause i am gone, you are free.

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