Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When I couldn't not care

At the time we sowed this seed
i hadn't got a clue
that by the time the fruit was ripe
to reap it'd be just you.

to reap it'd be just you and
you'd be the one to ensure that
while i was not as high as the tree
this fruit i couldn't have had.

this fruit cannot be had by me cause
the altitude is overgrown
as i am dwarfed by the weather
i'm also overthrown.

i'm also overthrown because
i hadn't got the time
to conspire with the gods because
i was busy with my rhyme.

i was busy with my rhyme and so
i'm busy with that now
and on my funeral you mutely ensure
that i am dead somehow.

when the time was right, i hadn't attained the height.
and now i go to heaven, outplayed by the seven.
i hope there's no rebirth, the hurt just isn't worth.
cause now i've got the clue, to reap it'd be just you.

go away,
take you black dress off
it's finally time to party.
the pain was so less,
i doubt it even existed,
such an effort to say it was easy to bear.

there's no word for what you did to me.
there's no reason for me to have cared.
there's no rhyme to end this rhetoric.
so i guess i would just let it be.
cause you are the one who ensured that
I was not high as the tree.

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