Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stay Death Ready

Come on, step out of your home.
I bet they are not watching you alone.
You are just a would-be statistics.
They have a system to bombard upon.

Your burning shattered dress
Even your flying flesh
Should not sadden you more!
Doesn't it feel familiar?
Haven't you seen it before?

Some are sad.
They couldn't telecast you dying live.
But they'd do everything to capture
in colored picture
your body on the pavement
in that awful posture.

And if you're not dead
their help you cannot avail
because you make a good story
almost dead, bleeding as you wail.

In the end when you lose that life you had,
it's not sad when it is said that it was sad
by the mouths who have a tongue but no head
You are not dead, but a martyr, they claim
Relax, you're now a part of, esteemed list of names.

By virtue of their laughable absurdness
they relax, and are blind
to diminishments in our lives, to doubts,
to deeper questions, to answers hard to find

Evaporating credibility of the so called system
creates a cloud of the unknown and envelops us all
So stay gutsy, stay death ready my friend
For a higher life, let us all learn to fall

Dying for many reasons
Leaders', News', Mujahideen
Trivial life, crucial death
how more happy could you have been?

Though failing, or aging, or losing faith
Step out ready to embrace this death with grace.

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