Sunday, March 22, 2009

All Bad Things Must Come To An End

When kisses taste of tears then at the tip of our tongues is the reason for us to break our respective hearts.
About time the love departs.

You were the cross I bore. Then the weight became a drag and drag became an anecdote that I tell every once in a while.
So long since the last smile.

On the edge of a relation we kissed a strange set of lips. None of us needed to say it, and we pretended we want to cry.
That was long after the unsaid goodbye.

My love! No more running with our lives at stake. A quick shot is all that it will take. This verdict I give, let there be no fight.
I might sound insensitive but I know it's right.

You won't bite the bullet, so I pull the key. Cause someone must be hurt, and now it won't be me. You close your eyes and I count to three.
You pull the trigger, and I am set free.

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