Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who am I?

I'm the 'I don't' in 'I do'
I'm the 'I won't' in 'promise you'
I'm the pain in 'I am fine'
I'm the bolt on cloud # 9
I'm the feeling while leaving home
I'm the bald man's pocket comb
I'm the emotion that was never true
I am someone you know or knew

I'm the cat in the cat fight
I'm the hooting owl at night
I'm the cycle that you sold
I'm an untrue story told
I am that unfinished job
I'm the angry stupid mob
I'm the last one in the queue
I am someone you know or knew

I'm the dance that was never asked
I'm the beauty that was always masked
I'm the poetry that never rhymed
I'm the good news that's ill timed
I'm the goal that was never scored
I'm the wine that was never poured
I'm the star that could never debut
I am someone you know or knew

I'm the tear that could never fall
I'm the big that was always small
I'm the dream that was never seen
I'm the grass that was never green
I'm the bell that was never rung
I'm the song that was never sung
I'm the duty that was no ones chore
I'm the no one who will be no more
I'm the full lie in what's half true
I am someone you know or knew

I'm the coffee that no one brewed
I'm the gum that everyone chewed
I'm the contract that's never renewed
I'm the poster that was never glued
I'm the child that just never grew
I'm the dress that was never new
I'm the attitude you always threw
I'm the system for you to screw
I'm the payment that's past due
I'm that hurting misfit shoe
I'm the one who's got no clue
I am someone you know or knew, you know or knew.

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