Sunday, March 22, 2009

For All The Couplets That Did Not Rhyme

I don't care if you already know
More than a person, you are my darkness
And I’m pleased with the blackness

Thanks for wiping it all away
It’s malady again
How do you know I love it this way?

Bring the curtains down please
There’s no place for sunshine
In this house of mine
Who knows it better than you?
'cause that's something you do

Hold me when I’m rising
Please hate me when I’m good
Please suffocate every breeze
You know it already, don't you?
When choked, I am at ease

Remove the tourniquet
That mars the blood flow
Oh I love to see the red
It looks good out of skin
In its glorious gorious glow

O please keep me from success
For if I succeed
I might taste some good times
And leave your soul to bleed

I had a bad day again
But honey look at your smile
So to keep that all the while
I’ll be ready for another day of pain

I hope no one saw me smiling
How can I be so careless?
This a bad thing that happens to me
I want agony back in my life

So be around me more often
Stay with me for a season
Don’t allow my times to soften
Take away all my reason
This way I would stand all treason

For all the couplets that did not rhyme
Honey! You didn't allow me the time

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